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3 Reasons You Need Snowboard Grab Rails

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 3 Reasons you need snowboard grab rails

Nobody Needs Grab Rails Or Do They?

Sure you don't need grab rails but they do have some advantages besides the obvious.

  1. In the lift lines you can prevent damage to your top sheet by providing a buffer before you board and the kook in line behind you trying to scratch the top sheet on your new T.Rice Pro.
  2. They look hella cool.  Everybody likes to personalize their board and this is to a way to express yourself.
  3. When hiking or carrying your board a properly placed rail can provide some comfort on your wrist.  Kind of like your keyboard mouse pad has got that little pillow for your wrist. 
  4. Yeah I said their was just 3 but who are we kidding we could go on forever with reasons why these are awesome. But here is one last one.  Our grab rails have the name of the grab printed on the rail so you never have to forget the name of your grabs when you are chatting up in the bar how rad you tweaked that "method".

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