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How to Wax Your Snowboard For Speed

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X-Wax 2 part system application

Got a race coming up or just needing a lot more speed?

Here is a little tech tip for X-Wax Cool, 2-part, hot wax. EPA approved, USA made, low fluoro formula. X-Wax shares the same paraffin base formula as the Racer X and 4WD line.

Graphite is fast in almost all conditions but too much is not.  So we have a separate bar to apply only a little bit. Or none at all if you prefer the cleaner look.

This weekend PNW forecast. 95% of the time this week calls for X-Wax cool formula. Banked Slaloms, Olympics, World Cups, our waxes have won everything. A good wax job is critical if you are going for the WIN!

How To:

1. Clean and dry base. Hot scrape old wax with base prep, warm, or cool wax.

2. Brush out extremely well. Removing all old wax before you start.

3. Take the small Graphite additive bar and hold to a hot iron for one second then quickly smear on base, repeat until base is covered with splotchy wax.

4. Take the Green bar and hot wax over the graphite as usual. Slowly mixing everything and smoothing out to a thin coat over the entire base for 10 to 15 min.

5. Allow base to cool for at least 20 min.

7. With a plastic scraper scrape off wax from the tip to the tail removing all wax.

8. With a horse hair brush, brush the base to a shine from tip to tail. (Nylon will work but it is very aggressive for this soft of wax)

Let it rip! And GOOD LUCK!!

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