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How To Care For and Maintain Your Bike Chain

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How to Care for your bike chain

Keeping your chain and drive train is critical for a long mechanical life of very expensive parts. Dirt on your drivetrain being driven into the gears with pressure really wears things out quickly. Even more so with the 1X set-ups with a tighter tolerances to retain the chain on the front chainring. Added chain lube on top of dirt doesn’t do much but add build up and mess. Here is a couple simple and quick steps to get things running quiet and smooth.

  1. For a really dirty drivetrain use a degreaser and brush to completely clean the cassette and front rings, as well as the chain.
  2. If not that dirty and in a hurry, lube the chain to wet it out completely. While spinning the drivetrain, carefully use a rag to wipe off the excess lube and dirt at the same time. Keep reapplying lube the chain and wiping it off until it’s clean.
  3. For applying to a clean chain, use the above rag technique to apply lube, then wipe off dry.

Applying Chain Lube. (with a clean chain)

WET LUBE- (stays wet)

TYPES of Oneball Bike Product: ALL PURPOSE SYNTHETIC OIL Good in all conditions that are not dusty and dry.

TYPES of Oneball Bike Product: SELF CLEANING CHAIN OIL Good in all conditions

  1. A thin layer and use the above technique to take off the lube. Getting the chain as dry as possible but lubing each link.

DRY LUBES- (solvent flashes off to leave dry friction film of some kind. Ceramic, Wax, PTFE, Graphite, etc)

TYPES of Oneball Bike Products: CHAIN WAX and CERAMIC CHAIN LUBE Good in dusty and dry conditions.

  1. Apply a thick layer and use the rag technique to push the dry chemicals into the chain links. Apply more than you think, chain will actually look wet and white or light grey in color. Let it dry and then wipe of extra if you wish or ride.

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