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How To Install Mtn Bike Fender

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How to Install Oneball Mountain Bike Fender

Oneball Bike fenders are designed to fit any suspension fork crown on the market. Adjustable zipties make it easy to get the fender very solid in place.

  1. Clean fork from dirt. Apply a clear protective film if desired. (not necessary to keep from scratching fork)
  2. Place fender on top of front tire and latch all zipties about 1/4” ONLY. Making sure that the fender is straight and clearing the brake hose.
  3. Slowly tighten all the zipties at the same time about 1/4-1/5” at a time. Now look at the fork lowers and make sure the zipties are straight.
  4. Continue to slowly tighten the zipties until the fender is tight against the fork legs and crown. Keep pulling until they won’t get tighter.
  5. Rotate the square end of the zipties to the inside so they are out of view.
  6. Very carefully clip the ends tight by the square end.
  7. Enjoy the feeling of mud not in your eyes and teeth.

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