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ONE MFG Bicycle Wash Trigger Spray Bottle 32oz.



ONE MFG Bicycle Wash is a high suds, great smelling, frothy bike wash that works insane and making your bike look great. ONE MFG Bicycle Wash does not contain corrosive salts and other chemicals that can tarnish some finishes. It's safe for all bikes and will clean your car up beautifully as well.

Biodegradable formula

Use: Bike Wash, add water to concentrate.

Apply: Spray down bike with water removing loose dirt. Spray on Bike Wash; allow Wash to sit for a few minutes, and spray off with pressure. Spray wash again on stubborn areas and use a soft brush or sponge in stubborn areas. Spray off again with water.

Towel dry off, add BIKE SHINE.

Safe: Bike Wash formula is for all bike parts including plastics, stickers, aluminum, and carbon. Your clear-coat is also safe with our non-corrosive formula.

Size: 32fl oz.

Ships without water in concentration. Saves you a lot of money..

Oneball Made in the USA

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