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EBIKE Frame protection kit, MX Film 27 Piece Kit with Squeegee

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EBIKE  SPECIFIC DESIGN Customize to fit any Ebike


Protect your investment by minimizing scratches and dings on your frame and fork. Our MX Film Kit is an easy and affordable way to keep your bike looking good for years! 

Included are 21 pieces of die-cut impact-resistant Rock-Guard Film. The die-cut design will fit and cover most bikes in critical use areas. Plus, you will have extra pieces for spots you are concerned about.



Type of film:

Glossy, clear, 5-year outdoor-rated adhesive backing. 

Film Thickness: .6mm

MX Film is safe for all paint, carbon, steel, and aluminum metals. It is also safe to place on top of stickers.

27 piece die-cut patterns to fit most bikes. We provided more tape than you probably need but everyone's bike design and needs are different. The Ebike MX kit comes with multiple panels to cover the battery pack area.

For: frame, forks and crank arms.

Clean and dry bike completely. Remove wheels to make it easier. Use Isopropyl alcohol and really wipe it down. Carefully pop out desired piece without peeling off the paper backing. Figure out where to place film and then peel off backing. Apply the center first and slowly work towards the sides, smoothing out bubbles as you go. In tight areas, use a small cut to help film form info area. Use of a pin is also handy if there are any bubbles. Cut to size when needed as well. A hair dryer can really be handy as well.

Get a spray bottle, add a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol to a cup of water. Spray area right before applying film. The moisture helps smooth out the film and it's easier to press-out the bubbles with your fingers before the adhesive makes it more difficult. Squeeze out the bubbles in the middle first working towards the edges of film



"The Moto Deflection Tape goes on relatively easy— very similar to straight up racer tape. That’s not to say having a blow dryer or heat gun on hand isn’t a good idea. But patient application will see coverage without any annoying bubbles (which can be eliminated with a careful pin prick, same as racer tape). Removal is relatively painless, (unlike ONE MFG’s Black Rubber 1/16” thick Shuttle Guard— that stuff is NOT coming off), making re-application a snap, should a piece ever need to be replaced.

"Durability wise, the Bicycle Moto Deflection Die Cut Protective Kit is par for the course. Like standard 8mil racer tape, it resists cutting, rock strikes, and cable rub to keep that frame looking shiny and new vs. chipped or rubbed off paint. It's outdoor rated, too, and should remain clear for up to five years."  – CM

Sizes: 24" x 28" x .6mm Intended use - All Bikes

Made in the USA

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