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Bicycle Dropper Post Lubrication Oil

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Bicycle Dropper Post Lube ® Lubrication Oil

Amazing refresh for all dropper post Lubrication!

Dropper post take a ton of abuse from the elements and a little maintenance can help keep your dropper working smoothly.

One Mfg is the first company to address the need for a safe, non-toxic, exterior dropper post lube to use between services. One Mfg Dropper Post Oil is waterproof, dirt, dust, and grime repellent. One Mfg Dropper Post Oil cleans and lubricates seals to reduce stiction and effort needed to drop post. One Mfg Dropper Post Oil cleans by pulling dirt from the seals that you wipe away clean. Repeated action will greatly reduce surface tension and improve the suppleness.


    • POWERFUL SUSPENSION UPGRADE IN MINUTES. One Mfg Stanchion Oil is famous for cleaning fork and shock seals in seconds with a performance you can immediately feel.
    • SEALS / RUBBER / INTERNAL PARTS COMPATIBLE FORMULA: One Mfg Stanchion lube is safe for all forks, shocks, seals, foam rings, plastic and metal parts. There is no risk of damage to the fork or shock internal and outer parts and materials.
    • SAFE to use with all fork and shocks anti-friction special coatings. 
    • As great as this product is, it does not replace a proper service required by all manufactures. Failure to properly service your suspension can damage it. Refer to the service manual.

    Use: Mechanical Dropper Post

    Apply: Clean seat post well from loose dirt. Dry off with clean towel. Apply One Mfg's Dropper Post Oil to the main seal of where the two post come together. Just a small squirt. Now compression seat down, compressing the post and release the post pack up. With a clean towel, clean the dirt from the seal and repeat this action until all the dirt has been pulled up from the seal. Dry-off excess oil and you're done. Enjoy!

  • Safe: Non-Toxic Non-Hazard Formula. There are no know hazards in using this product. Not a PTFE/Fluoro product

    Size: 2oz.

    Oneball Made in the USA

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