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Tubeless Bicycle Tire Sealant 4 oz bottle

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Our all new latex tubeless tire sealant with "GLUE LIKE" sealing action.  Greatly reduces tire burps and flats.  DOES NOT INCLUDE INJECTOR TUBE.

Does not contain plastic.  Natural rubber based, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-hazardous and bio-degradable.  Formulated and manufactured in-house.

Can also be used inside tire tube with applied with valve injector tube.

Use: MUST SHAKE WELL!  Pour Fast.  Best and easiest method of installing is to install tire on hoop keeping a 4" to 6" opening on one side of tire or if using injector tube place tube on tubeless tire valve and squeeze in desired amount of sealant.  Pour in desired amount of sealant.  Close up tire.  Rotate tire around to cover inside of tire with sealant.  Inflate tire to 35 lbs.  Rotate tire around again a few times to properly coat inside of tire with sealant.  Let tire site with higher air pressure until you are ready to use.  Lasts up to 6-8 months.  Warmer climates will require a refresh sooner than cooler climates.  To refresh, repeat the install process. 

Quantity: 26" 2-3 oz / 27.5" 2.5-3 oz / 29" 3-4 oz

Size: 4 oz - perfect for single use

Caution: Use gloves.  Wash hands.  Wear safety glasses.  Wash with cold water if contact with eyes.  Do not ingest.  Keep all chemicals away from children and pets.

Made in the USA

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