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Tubeless Bicycle Rim Tape Size 24mm for Aluminum and Carbon hoops



Our tape is industry standard and the best on aluminum and carbon hoops. Duck tapes, electrical tapes, packaging tapes will work short term if you're lucky but not long term.

Use: Tubeless wheel set-up.

Use: 60 yards will tape 25 to 28 rims depending on rim size

Apply: Works excellent when hoop is clean but our RIM TAPE will work well with old tape residue left behind and any alloy or carbon hoop. Cleaning-off hoop with toxic chemicals in not necessary.

The main trick is to pull the tape across the hoop while sealing spoke holes nearly as hard as you can while installing the tape two complete times around the hoop. Taking care not to allow tape to ride-up the side of hoop interfering with the rim lock design of hoop. For bead polished/ textured hoops where tape may not stick well. Try spraying inside of hoop with a 3M spray-on adhesive. (light coat) Let that dry then tightly wrap hoop with two layers of tape. (All one piece) Have the seam away from the valve stem hole. Using the pointy end of your valve stem, poke a tiny hole in the tape and insert valve stem. While pressing rubber end of valve stem and carefully wiggling the stem, now tighten the nut as hard as you can with your fingers only.

Color: Black

Size: 24mm x 60 yards .4mm thick


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