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4WD 165g Base Prep Conditioning Wax Snowboard / Ski Wax


ONE MFG 4WD Base Prep wax took the ski wax world by storm fifteen years ago and it's fantastic! Nothing else comes close!

Base Prep Conditioning wax is for refurbishing and cleaning bases while removing old wax and contanaments. ONE MFG Base Prep is excellent as a travel and storage wax as well. Base Prep wax should be used instead of base cleaner if possible. The soft wax with proprietary additives sink deep into the base wetting out the base like it was new. Scraping when the wax is soft pulls out oxidized materials and contanaments.

Base Prep wax can be used anytime you're in-between race waxes. Or, a racing board or ski needs to get stripped down for different conditions.

Temperature Range: 32ºF (0ºC)

Size: 165g (Available in Bulk as well)

Our 4WD wax is also sold in 750g bulk bars and 5 pack w/assorted temperatures.

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Oneball Made in the USA

Use: Hot scrape and brush out. Base must be clean & dry. Hot wax your base as you normally would. Scrape while the wax is warm and repeat until base is clean. As a storage or travel wax leave a thick coat on the base until it's time to wax then scrape and brush out.

Change wax temperatures on your base: Scrape and brush out your current wax. A Roto-brush is helpful. Hot wax your base as you normally would. Scrape while the wax is warm and repeat a minimum to 2x. The final step is brushing out all the wax a final time before waxing with the new temperature specific wax.

Wax Temperature Chart

Iron Temperature Settings

How To Tune & Wax

Race Prep Tips

Hot Waxing Breakdown 101

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