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All Purpose Premium Bike Grease


ONE MFG Premium All Purpose Bicycle Grease uses a safe, proprietary formula that protects your investment by shielding the elements out.

 Waterproof, high film strength, wide-temperature range, corrosion protection, and tacky to stay in place so frequent reapplications are not necessary.

Water, salts, and dusty protection by a film of tenacious grease.

ONE MFG Grease protects bearing surfaces against wear and corrosion, significantly extending bearing and pivot life reducing service intervals. 

Use: Excellent assembly grease. Great for repacking bearings, cups, pivots, and lubricating cables.

Apply: Clean parts. Apply grease to parts generously, wipe off excess.

Biodegradable: 100%

Safe: For all finishes and materials. Including carbon and painted metals.

Size: 2, 4, 8oz.

Made in the USA

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