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Gator Hide / Frame Protection & Deflection Most Durable


Gator Hide film is super tough! It's durable, clear, with a slight texture. It will protect frame and fork extremely well from flying rocks and rubbing. It's an excellent choice to use on the bottom of the down tube and chainstays.

Thick but flexible plastic. Waterproof adhesive. The best, period! Lifetime Durability. 

Use: Recommended for Downtubes and Chainstays 

Included: First layer of paint protector. Then apply the Gator Hide layer on top

Apply: Clean and dry bike. Wipe down area where Gator Hide film will be applied with Isopropyl alcohol. Mark and measure areas to be applied. Cut to size, round corners for better adhesion. Smooth into place with the middle first, them flatten the sides. Pop bubbles with a pin if needed. Cut relief cuts where needed to get material to lay flat in curves. Use of a hair dryer can be helpful.

Size: 4" x 24" 

Oneball Made in the USA

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