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Bike Wash / Green Wave OXY Formula Removes dirt, smells great



Removes dirt, mud, grease, salt, etc. and muddy dirt film off bike easily. Safe to use on rubber, plastic and metal surfaces.

OXY FORMULA INFO: Hydrogen peroxide is the water molecule with one extra oxygen atom. This extra oxygen makes the product an oxidizer, which means it can break down other compounds. In the case of hydrogen peroxide, this is what makes it useful to remove soap scum and as a disinfectant. It also means that hydrogen peroxide decomposes into oxygen and water, which makes it an environmentally friendly cleaning product.

Use: Clean really dirty bikes with grease and grim build up.

Apply: Spray on wait 5 minutes without drying, hose off bike with pressure hose nozzle. Towel dry off, add BIKE SHINE.

Safe for all bike parts including plastics, stickers, and carbon

Comes without water, MUST ADD WATER AND SHAKE WELL! Use warm water for amazing results.

Save on shipping cost.

Size: 1 gallon

One Mfg Made in the USA

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