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X-Wax 110G Cold Snow Wax


The X-Wax series is the fastest offering from Oneball besides our race wax! Because second still sucks!

X-Wax is formulated with Fluorinated Paraffin’s, not CFC’s or PTFE chemicals. The X-Wax 70 gram bar now includes a Fluoro-Graphite bar additive.

Fluorinated Graphite additive wax is to be used as an additional speed boost in any conditions. Either rub-on or hot wax Graphite bar before hot waxing the colored wax as the top coat. Graphite Bar additive is 40 grams. Total 110g

Sold in singles.

  • Warm = 32F to 26F (0C to -3C) 110g
  • Cool = 28F to 21F (-2C to -6C) 110g
  • Cold = 23F to 12F (-5C to -11C) 110g
  • Ice Cold = 12F & below (-11c & below) 110g.

Size: 70g colored temperature bar and 40g graphite bar additive. 110g total

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Oneball Made in the USA

Hot Waxing: Base must be clean & dry. Hot wax your base with the temperature specific wax for best results. Let wax cool completely and scrape with a plastic scraper. Brush out remaining wax from base and polish smooth. 

Rub On: Apply wax to base by hand and cover completely. Use a waxing cork to polish wax into base with firm pressure. A scraper can be used and then use a waxing brush to polish the hair brush is best for this. 

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