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How To Install a Traction Pad

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Installing a stomp pad or traction pad on your snowboard might seem like it doesn't need a video but if you do it wrong your stomp pad might fall off your snowboard on your first run. The most important part of the installation is making sure your snowboard is clean with no oils or residue. Make sure to install your stomp pad at least 24 hours prior to riding and do it at room temperature. If the topsheet is too cold it might effect the adhesive from sticking well. You should first clean the the surface of your topsheet with alcohol or some other type of similar cleaner. Then you need to make sure to completely let it dry. Give it a good 10 or 15 minutes just to be sure. Then carefully and slowly peel off the back side paper on the stomp pad. Make sure to not touch the adhesive surface with your fingers. Your fingers have oil on them and that oil can effect the strength of the glue sticking to your board. Now you need to make sure you know exactly where you want to put the stomp pad on your board prior to putting it down because once the adhesive sticks to the topsheet you really don't want to pull it up. So carefully place it in the proper location and position you want. Generally you want it slightly in front of the rear binding. Note that if you do like to adjust your stance to make sure to not stick the stomp pad where it might hinder you moving your binding. Otherwise you might have to remove your stomp pad and purchase a new one because you can't reuse it. Once you have chosen your location press down all parts of the pad with your fingers. Then place the board on the ground and with your foot, stomp that pad in place using all your weight. Make sure to put your weight across all parts of the pad ensuring the adhesive has 100% contact with the topsheet. If you follow these instructions your stomp pad should stay on for a long time.

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