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X-WAX Mineral Speed Additive Technical Specs

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NEW for 2022 Mineral Speed Additive Formula Breakdown

Our X-Wax series snowboard/ski alpine wax is the fastest wax we make. We have updated our formula for 2022 and made our X-Wax more eco-friendly by removing all fluorinated chemicals of any kind from our formula and instead includes new Mineral Speed Additives that produce remarkable results in varying snow conditions.

What are X-Wax’s Mineral Speed Additives and what do they do?

  • X-Wax Mineral Speed Additives are a blend of natural additives that greatly reduce surface friction and increase top-end speeds.
  • X-Wax Mineral Speed Additives are “dry” additives that work to reduce surface friction and reduced surface tension.
  • X-Wax Mineral Speed additives include Hydrophobic additives that increase speed, glide, and acceleration in all snow conditions. Mineral Speed Additive Formulas are extremely durable and long lasting.
  • X-Wax Mineral Speed Additives provide enhanced acceleration in extreme changes in snow conditions.
  • X-Wax will increase your speed in aggressive snow (old corn snow, man-made snow, snow with aggressive ice crystals) and very warm wet snow. You will actually feel it take off and keep accelerating.
  • X-Wax Mineral Speed Additive formulas are not affected by varying snow temperatures and standing water in the snow. Example: aggressive snow at the top of a course which changes to warmer and wetter snow at the bottom of the course. How would you wax? Traditionally if you wax for the flats or gliding part of the course and it’s the most wet you might end up over fluorinating the base making it run slow at the top. With the New X-Wax Mineral Speed Additive formula you don’t have to worry about that because the formula performs well in both extremes. You also don’t have to worry about waxing too many different additives into the base from consecutive waxing. Which is a typical issue on the race series. Also called, “over juicing.”

Temperature Range

  • Warm = 28ºF< (-2ºC)
  • Cool = 28ºF to 21ºF (-2ºC to -6ºC)
  • Cold = 21ºF to 5ºF (-6ºC to -15ºC)
  • Ice Cold = 12ºF & below (-11ºC & below)


  • 30g and 50g Rub-On’s
  • 114g Clamshell 2-Part wax
  • 225 grams / 45 grams per bar, 5 pack
  • 750g Bulk

Our X-Wax series comes in a number of configurations.

X-Wax 2 Part Bar Combo in clamshell packaging includes a black bar that is highly concentrated and a colored temperature specific bar. The black bar contains our exclusive Mineral Speed Additives and is used in conjunction with the colored temperature specific bar, melted onto your board at a 50/50 split. The black bar can be melted on at a heavier percentage before the colored bar for very cold or very warm snow temperatures. 114g

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X-Wax Bulk Wax are available in the same temperature ranges but the mineral speed additive bar and the temperature specific bar are combined into a single black/gray bar. 750g

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X-Wax 5 pack includes 4 temperature specific bars of wax that have the mineral additive wax and the temperature specific combined into a single gray/black bar of wax. This package also contains a clear bar of base prep wax. 225g

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X-Wax Rub-on and Twist-up wax. Both of these are formulated COOL Temperature/All Temperature waxes that you rub on and use the included cork applicator to polish the wax into the base. 30g and 50g

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Hot waxing or rub-on applications should both be done on a base that is clean & dry. Choose a temperature specific wax to match snow conditions for best results.

Hot Wax Application For 2 Bar System: To apply, hold both the black bar and the colored bar together on the bottom of the iron and melt/drip a 50/50 split of both bars together onto the base of your snowboard/ski. Smooth

the wax out with the iron to cover completely the base with wax for about 10 mins. Keep the iron moving around so as to not heat up the base too much in any one spot. As you slide the iron slowly over the board back and forth you will be heating up the base material, opening up the pores of the p-tex allowing the wax to impregnate into the board better. Let the board cool completely and then scrape off the wax with a plastic scraper in one direction from the tip to the tail. You will feel the drag on the scraper in spots where the wax has not been completely removed. Keep at it until the scraper moves freely with no resistance. Brush out any remaining wax with a horse hair brush.

We recommend a 50/50 split of the bar and colored bar but for more or less additive, simply use less of the black mineral speed additive bar. Melt/drip the black bar onto the base first using more or less depending on snow conditions. For example you might want to use more on the super cold, or slushy days.

 if you are waxing with an Ice Cold temperature wax scrape the board while the board is still slightly warm and at room temperature. The colder waxes are much harder to scrape off when they are cold.

Hot Wax Application for Bulk Waxes, 5 Packs: The mineral speed additives and temperature specific waxes are combined into a single gray bar providing you the 50/50 ratio explained above. Follow the waxing instructions above.

Rub On Application: Apply wax to base by hand with firm pressure covering the base completely. Use a waxing cork to polish wax into base with firm pressure. If you are on the hill use the cork applicator on the container. If you want to go a step further use a scraper to remove any excess wax and then use a waxing brush to polish the base. A horse-hair brush is best for this. Our rub-on waxes can also be applied as a hot wax following the same instructions above.

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