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How To Use Rub On Snowboard Wax Speed

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X-wax rub-on snowboard wax

X-Wax Rub-On wax is a nearly universal temperature speed boost for all snow conditions.

The hydrocarbon base formula is based off our Racer X line of premium, World Cup winning formulas.

Graphite and USA, EPA approved, fluorinated paraffins are added to improve acceleration, glide, as well as reducing static charges.


  1. Make sure your base is dry.

  2. Scrape off excess wax from base with a scraper and nylon brush.

  3. Take X-Wax Rub-On bar out of container. Carefully rub wax into base either flat or on edge. Covering the base with a layer of wax (use caution and a glove)

  4. Put bar back in the container, close lid.

  5. Use the cork side of the packaging to polish the wax into the base. With pressure from force, the wax heats up and attaches to the base.

  6. Extra Steps. Not required. Scrape off wax with plastic scraper, from the tip to the tail of base.

  7. Extra Steps. Not required. With a HORSE HAIR brush. Polish base with pressure from the tip to the tail of the base.

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