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Snowboard Wax

Snowboard Wax

We starting making snowboard wax in 1986. All our wax is made in the USA in our factory in Belfair, Washington in the great Pacific Northwest. We are the largest producer of alpine wax in the USA. We have a complete line of ski and snowboard waxes for every kind of condition and price level. The most popular and affordable line is our all temperature F1 series wax. Our 4WD hydrocarbon wax is our high performance wax available in snow specific temperatures. X-Wax is our premier race wax featuring mineral speed additives and has won countless Mt. Baker Banked Slalom golds and put racers on the podium around the world. The Shape Shifter series is our unique line of fun waxes with unique favors like coffee and bacon. THe Eco Leaf series if our eco-friendly waxes featuring recycled wax and natural plant based waxes. Finally our viper liquid wax is a premium rub-on wax for quick applications. We also offer our F1, 4WD, X-Wax and Eco Leaf waxes in bulk sizes for rental shops, tuning center and factories.

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