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Snowboard / Ski Wax Temperature Chart

The biggest question in the wax game is, "What temp wax should I use today?". The simple answer to this question is, it all depends on the snow temperature. Not the outside air temperature but the temperature of the actual snow. Also factors such as time of day and elevation can drastically impact change in snow temperature throughout the course of a day. Early morning might be colder but warm up throughout the day. As well as the temperature at the top of the mountain can vary the lower down the mountain you go. With all that said you just have to take your best guess. Any all temperature wax is better than no wax at all. And waxing on a regular basis will ensure you base has a good wax health. 

How to find the temperature of the snow

You can't know the temperature of the snow the day before you are waxing but you can base your wax temperature based on some factors such as history and time of year. Based on being at Big Sky in January when the temps are rather cold you know you will lean more towards a colder wax. 

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