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Leather Waterproofing Glove Wax


Waterproofing Glove Wax. 100% natural oils and waxes. Waterproofs leather gloves/mittens and footwear.

  • Restores water-repellency and reduces water absorption 
  • Can be used on most Leather hand wear and footwear
  • Ideal for all leather gloves and mittens and all brands and leathers.
  • Contains no PFCs, animal fat, hydrocarbons, optical brighteners, or added scent

Color: Light brown (will darken leather slightly)

Scent: 100% Natural bees wax with alpine forrest

Contents: 100% Natural. Earth and animal friendly proprietary formula including Beeswax.

Weight: 4oz.

Application: Apply as directed for best results.

If leather is dirty, wash and remove dirt with mild soap. Allow to dry throughly. Scoop out a tablespoon of Glove Wax and apply in the palm on a glove/mitten. Put on the other glove/mitten with the other hand. Squish and work the wax into the glove/mitten. The wax will warm up and work it's way into the leather. Spend a lot of time forcing the wax into the seams. Apply Glove Wax to the top and bottom on the glove/mittens. When finished, place the gloves/mittens by a heat souce overnight to get the wax to penetrate the leather deeply. If you're in a hurry, do this with a hair dryer or heat gun. For increased waterproofing and sealing, apply a second coat following the same method. Repeat as necessary.

Made in the USA


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