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F1 Twist-Up Rub-on Twist up All Temperature Snowboard / Ski Wax

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F1 All Temperature formula is a nearly universal alpine wax that is fast! F1 wax will hot wax easily as well as rub on but it's hard enough to stay on and glide fast in a wide range of temperatures and conditions.

F1 Rub-On wax is fast and easy to use anywhere extra speed is needed including on the hill! Pop the cap, twist up wax, rub on your base and then polish into your base with the cork applicator. Our F1 All-Temperature, hydrocarbon Snowboard /Ski Wax is a high performance alpine wax at a great price.

  • Fast application anywhere without an iron.
  • No Fluorinated chemicals of any kind are used.

    Temperature Range:
  • ALL TEMPERATURE/COOL/ UNIVERSAL  28ºF to 21ºF (-2ºC to -6ºC)

Color: White

Size: 50g

Directions: Choose a temperature specific wax to match snow conditions for best results. Scrape off old wax and brush out.

Application: Place snowboard or ski on a flat surface and secure. At the bottom of the Twist-up container is a dial. Twist the dial to push the wax up about 1/4". Apply wax over the entire base focusing on the area towards the edges. Put the lid back on. Use the cork applicator on the side of the container to "Cork in" the wax into the base. Use some elbow grease to melt the wax in. You may use a scraper to remove the wax or you may go straight to brushing out the wax with a horse hair brush.

Enjoy the Speed!

Pro Tip: Warm base which allows wax to apply easier.

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Oneball Made in the USA

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