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4WD Bulk Snowboard Wax / Ski Waxes

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Our 4WD bulk snowboard wax is a huge 750g block of wax with the actual temperature of the bar embossed into the wax. This innovation helps to eliminate confusion after opening. This large brick of wax is great for rental shops, tuning shops, and anyone that loves waxing their equipment at home. Our 4WD wax line features Race-proven formulas using the highest quality of hydrocarbon waxes. Available in four temperatures that offer the best value in the industry! No additives. Contains no flouro.

Size: 750g

Also sold in smaller 165g, 65g bars and 5-pack w/assorted temperatures.

Hot Waxing: Base must be clean and dry. Hot wax your base with the temperature specific wax for best results. Let wax cool completely and scrape with a plastic scraper. Brush out remaining wax from base and polish smooth.

ICE COLD waxes require complete scraping and brushing.  

See the complete line of 4WD Waxes 

  • Warm = 32ºF to 28ºF (0ºC to -2ºC)
  • Cool = 28ºF to 21ºF (-2ºC to -6ºC)
  • Cold = 21ºF to 5ºF (-5ºC to -15ºC)
  • Ice Cold = 5ºF to -22ºF (-15ºC to -30ºC)
  • Base Prep = Used to clean and protect base

     Oneball Made in the USA

    Wax Temperature Chart

    Iron Temperature Settings

    How To Tune & Wax

    Race Prep Tips


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